Protecting a business and its assets is critical for operational well-being. Businesses, from small to Fortune 500 companies, often use contracts to protect their assets.

When breach of contract issues arise, they create complications that affect immediate and long-term business health — those being sued may face significant damages, and those who have suffered breach of contract may have been significantly financially injured due to the breach.

If your business, career or client has been injured due to breach of contract, our firm is prepared to put more than 50 years of civil litigation experience to work for you.

At the law firm of Barry G. Roderman & Associates, P.A. we have significant experience working on issues related to:   

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Employment
  • Commercial landlord-tenant leases
  • Licensing
  • Loans
  • Non-compete issues
  • Operating agreements
  • Partnership
  • Shareholders

Our attorneys will do everything possible to settle these disputes outside of court, leveraging our negotiation-savvy methods of alternative dispute resolution. If it is necessary to pursue litigation, we will bring our comprehensive knowledge, courtroom experience and creative approach to diligently protect your interests.      

This approach has helped hundreds of clients in our decades of experience, and we are ready to bring it to your case.  To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss contract disputes and other related matters with our lawyers, call 954-761-8810 or email the firm at

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