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Inglima v. City of Hallandale: Case was one of the first under in Florida Policeman's Bill of Rights. Inglima was a police officer who was fired. Jury trial resulted in verdict of $150,000.00 for plaintiff, Inglima. Opposing counsel: Stephen F. Billing, Esq., currently Billing, Cochran, Heath, Lyles & Mauro. *

Rodriquez v. Armor Elevator: Personal injury case involving a slip and fall on an elevator in Landmark Bank Building (Now NationsBank Tower). Jury trial resulted in verdict of $460,000.00. Opposing counsel: Wicker & Smith. *

State v. Tarraneh:
Doctor and wife prosecuted for conspiracy to hire hit man to kill relative who violated their code of honor. Heavily reported and filmed for television show "On Trial." Prosecuted by William Dimitrouleas now a U.S. District Judge.*

United States v. Speck, et al.: Major drug conspiracy trial involving nine defendants. Trial lasted two months. Only Speck was found not guilty. Prosecuted by Eileen O'Connor, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Broward office. *

United States v. Hollifield: Fraud trial revolving around issues of fraud in the F.A.A. by an inspector. *

United States v. Goldberg, et al.  Tried in Central District of California, Los Angeles. Wire fraud/mail fraud involving telemarketing sales of precious metals. *

C.E. Pickering v. Grubb & Ellis: Civil breach of contract and fraud litigation. Allegations that Grubb & Ellis mismanaged 500,000 square foot warehouse complex. Jury verdict was 11.7 million dollars. Heavily reported - 7 million in punitive damages. Defended by Katz, Barron, Squittero & Faust, Miami, Florida. *

Greene v. School Board of Broward County: Negligence and invasion of privacy after personal psychological information was given to the press on eve of school board election. Heavily published by media. Jury verdict for plaintiff of $850,000.00. Opposing counsel: Haliczer, Pettis & White, P.A. *

Paldano v. Alteen Industries: Substantial six figure verdict rendered after extensive litigation. Settled on appeal which included an extensive confidentiality agreement. Adverse counsel: Mike Casey, Esq., and Neil McGuinness, Esq., of Muller, Mintz, et al., Miami, Florida. *

Hagquist v. Cleveland Clinic: Medical malpractice case based on failure to x-ray at emergency room resulting in six figure verdict of &150,000.00. Opposing counsel: Jonathon Abel, Esq., Conroy, Simberg, Hollywood, Florida. *

Farrell v. Thunderbolt: A retaliation suit by the Plaintiff against the Defendant employer Thunderbolt. Jury rendered a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff in the sum of $260,000.00. Opposing counsel: George A. Lane, Esq., George A. Lane, P.A., Florida 33308. *

Martin Dechauvigni v. Argenbright: Case sustained by Plaintiff as a result of an assault and battery occurring at the Dade-Land Mall. Plaintiff received a Jury Verdict in the sum of $360,000.00. *

Debra Stanton v. BP Oil: Toxic Tort/Personal Injury Case. Trial resulted in a jury verdict in the sum of $150,000.00. Main gas hose broke and dispensed gasoline over the Plaintiff who ingested some, causing minimal lung damage. *

Anthony Rodriquez v. Armor Elevator Company:  Plaintiff was injured when an elevator misleveled at a floor. Jury verdict in favor of the Plaintiff was for $440,000.00. *

Johnson v. Gold Coast Real Estate: Plaintiff was injured when she slip and fell on slippery floor. Jury verdict resulted in $90,000.00 award for the Plaintiff. *

Hallenbeck v. Rangeline: Fraud case resulting in a final judgment in the sum of $1,000,000.00. *

Farese v. Kenneth L. Scherer, Harold Dude, Florida Ventures, et al.: Civil racketeering suit tried before Honorable Judge Donald J. Middlebrooks in Federal Court. Federal Jury rendered a verdict in favor of Plaintiff Farese in a sum of $13,870,000.00. *

* Barry G. Roderman represented Plaintiffs in civil cases and the Defense in criminal cases.

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