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The values of the United States are reflected in the Constitution — the protection of personal liberty, freedom and civil rights are foundational to the laws of the country. On both the federal and state level, laws are put in place to address, preserve and protect these personal and civil rights. Private, government and municipal organizations are obligated to adhere to strict protocols to preserve civil rights of the people. Law enforcement officers are also required to protect and preserve these precious civil rights in their law enforcement measures and policing procedures. The same goes for the process of conviction. Unfortunately, all too often, these laws are compromised and people are mistreated and suffer gravely. 

If you believe your civil rights have been compromised, it is important to understand your options for redress.

Having worked on these and similar issues for more than 50 years throughout the State of Florida, our attorneys at the law firm of Barry G. Roderman & Associates, P.A. fully understand all issues involved in civil rights infringements on the state and federal level.

We are prepared to work on cases involving:

•             False arrest
•             False imprisonment
•             Government misconduct
•             Government employment discrimination
•             First Amendment cases
•             Student rights
•             Police misconduct
•             Employment discrimination
•             Sexual harassment

With our years of experience we have learned that the civil justice system is the greatest mechanism for accountability. We can advocate for your civil rights in pursuit of compensatory damages.

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